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Calming lavender & uplifting Bergamot work in harmony in our Oud-enhanced blend of anti-inflammatory herb-infused black sesame oil

All Natural

100% Natural Origin

Our products have no synthetic fragrances, animal byproducts or toxic chemicals.

Sustainably Farmed Oud & Herbs

Sustainably Farmed Oud & Herbs

Our Oud and Herbs are sustainably farmed on our farmland.

Backed by Science

Backed by Science

The healing properties of our oils are backed by research that proves their safety and efficacy.


Since the 1980’s, our farm has promoted natural healing with the use of herbal remedies handed down from generation to generation. Now, we use the powerful natural healing properties of agarwood to enrich and enhance our oil blends. But what is agarwood? Agar Wood is known as the ‘Wood of the Gods’ due to its cultural and historical significance. It is mentioned by different names - Oud, Gaharu , Aloeswood - in numerous religious practices and medical texts due to its many health benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, cognition-boosting, pain relieving and mood boosting. The unique scent of agarwood stems from the dark heartwood of the Aquilaria tree. At Wellwoud, we pride ourselves on being Oud Specialists. Through our multi-generational experience and our high-quality agarwood oil, we bring the 'Wood of the Gods' to the modern era with sustainable practices backed by science.

The Science

Oud Farming

Herbs Cultivation

Research & Development

Our Holistic Approach

Each bottle of Wellwoud oil is formulated by our founder, Dr. Carolyn Goh, providing optimal health benefits by employing a holistic approach to improving your well-being.


Oils in our Body Collection support and address the physical body. Some of the benefits of the Body Collection include:

  • Promoting skin health
  • Assisting detoxification
  • Relieving indigestion
  • Reducing aches and pain



The Mind Collection serves to support your mental health. Some of the benefits of the Mind Collection include:

  • Relieving stress
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Enhancing focus and concentration
  • Boosting mood


The Soul Collection serves to align and balance your energies. Some of the benefits of the Soul Collection include:

  • Improving mindfulness
  • Balancing meridian points
  • Clearing energy blockages
  • Supports higher vibrations

Proven by Science

Understanding the science and therapeutic benefits behind Agarwood, herbs and essential oils is the first step in creating our products. All our products undergo thorough research and vigorous testing to ensure safety and efficacy.

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