Agarwood in Ayurvedic Medicine



Oud is known by various names across different cultures, including Gaharu, Agar and Eaglewood. Agarwood is indigenous to India, Southeast Asia, China and in South-East Asian Countries such as Malaysia. Today, we will explore the cultural significance and usage of oud in ancient India, namely within the practices of Ayurvedic medicine.

In Indian culture, Agarwood is mentioned in numerous ancient texts like the Bhagavat Gita, Charaka Samhita, and Sushruta Samhita. Agarwood has also been described as a favorite fragrance of Lord Krishna, god of protection, compassion, tenderness, and love.



Ayurveda is a holistic medical practice that was practiced in India more than 3,000 years ago and still is being practiced in the modern era. Roughly translating to knowledge of life, Ayurveda believes that disease can be caused by imbalances in all areas of life. As a result, it is encouraged by practitioners to balance not just the body and the environment but the mind and the soul as well.


Continue reading to learn about the various health benefits of Oud as described in ayurvedic scriptures that oud has.


Improving Cognition

The mind is one of the most important faculties to the human body according to Ayurvedic medicine. It is said that the scent of Agarwood oil drives away negativity, induces tranquility and augments the cognitive functions of your brain.

Removing Coldness

According to the Chakara Sutrasthana, combining Pluchea lanceolata (Rasana) and Agarwood has to ability to relieve the feeling of coldness in the body through external application.

Treating Ear, Nose & Throat Disorders

Oud is one of the ingredients in a popular ayurvedic oil blend named Anu Tailam. It is used for improving the symptoms of ear, nose and throat conditions. Agarwood is also used in Arimedadi Thailam which is used to improve teeth gum and sensory organ health through oil-pulling (swishing of oil in the mouth) and gargling. In some cases, agarwood oil is eaten with betel leaf for asthma relief.

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Neuro-Vascular Conditions


Oud is an ingredient in Himasagara Thailam, an oil used in the balancing of the Vata and other nervous system condition. For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Oud is applied externally to relieve inflammation and joint pain.


We at Wellwoud strive to study and understand the various health benefits of agarwood throughout the various cultures that use it. Understanding its place in ayurvedic medicine has been a part of our research practices as our founder, Dr Carolyn Goh, develops Wellwoud oud-enriched products that impart significant health benefits.


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